Luis Bosques

Undersecretary of General Assembly


Delegates, Heads of State and Government, Excellencies,


I’m pleased to welcome you to the General Assembly’s committees and the Group of Twenty Leaders’ Summit. This NCMUN’s edition is special as it reaches its Fifth Anniversary; it has been a long way of hard work and success, so as the United Nations’ 72 years old trajectory for rebuilding and developing a safer and sustainable world.


I’m eager to host you in one of my committees debating and looking forward to a resolution for a greater good.  I encourage you not only to prepare, but to embrace for the challenges and discussions that will be present during the 3 days of the Model, and bring the best of your abilities.


As delegates of the General Assembly and its commissions and organs, you are policy-makers on the broad agenda presented before your committees; from health and humanitarian aid accessibility, to a consensual agreement on the refugee question and International efforts for the accomplishment of the 2030 Agenda.


I promise the hard work and preparation of all the Secretariat will guide you through a diplomatic and fluid debate and make it a memorable experience. I will expect nothing but the same effort from you. I hope you can learn from this academic exercise and use it not only here, but on your daily life and future; but most importantly, to help you grow alongside me.


The floor is almost open to start sharing ideas for creating adequate conditions for sustainable development, peace and security. No matter how minimal it may look, because your words expressed during sessions will actually transcend. Allow yourselves to dare and do, in hopes that you triumph, but most importantly, in hopes to learn the most.


Wishing the best upon every single one of you, I cannot wait to finally meet you and enjoy an arduous debate, focused on protecting the values of the United Nations and the world.