Delegates, Excellencies, Honorables Judges and Counselors,
I'm really excited for you to be a part of this year NCMUN. As you know we are celebrating our Fifth Anniversary, and it is an honor for me to organize this NCMUN as the Secretary General. For the last couple of months we have been working really hard for you to get the best out of this three days. Filled with interesting debates, making new friends, learning new things and simply having a good time. We made sure that the topics that are going to be discussed, are current world wide problems, that need to be addressed soon, before the damage increases. And it fills my heart that you joined this three days to take place in this debate, because it shows your interest on making a change in this world. This year we made some updates to our model so that you as a delegation can enjoy fully this experience, and hopefully learn many from it.
Good luck.
Zaire Serrano
NCMUN 2018 Secretary-General